Five Ways to be Intentional During the Holidays

Happy HolidaysThe holidays are upon us and with that can bring stress related to overspending,
overcommitting, feeling the need to have the ‘perfect’ holiday and the dreaded weight gain with all of the holiday yumminess.  We’ve discovered some things along the way that we do intentionally that have helped us decrease some of the above stresses. Continue reading Five Ways to be Intentional During the Holidays

Team Earnest starts a blog!

Well Team Earnest has officially launched a blog.  This has been in my (Kimberly’s) head for over a year now and I finally sat down and decided to start writing.  The goal of this blog is to inspire others to live a life by intention.  Our lives most certainly aren’t perfect but we are happy and full of gratitude of where we are at in life.  It is a byproduct of the conscious decisions we make every day, how we learn from our mistakes that we make, the responses to the good and bad things that happen to us and how we move forward.  We hope to share some of the things we’ve learned along the way and to inspire you to live a life by intention.  Thanks for reading.

~Kimberly and Brad