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Five Financial Principles That We Live By

The following five financial principles have enriched our lives and made us happier. We wanted to share them with you.  By being intentional with our money, we have created financial peace in our lives.

1. We do not borrow money. 

Proverbs 22:7 says ‘The borrower is slave to the lender.’ We made a decision early in our marriage by drawing a line in the sand saying we were never going to borrow money again EVER.   When we first got married, we paid off our consumer debt, which was a big Home Equity Line of Credit.  Four years later, we made our final payment on our house and became completely debt-free.  We knew we never wanted to go back into debt. When we want to buy something now, we save up the money for it.  We truly feel like the borrower is slave to the lender and that’s a position we never want to be in with anyone or any company.  It has changed the way that we view purchases. When we are saving up for something first before purchasing, we have to really evaluate whether or not it’s worth the money and if we find value in it.  When we do finally buy something, we are very intentional with the purchase. We often find more value in what we bought because we were patient enough to save up the money for it before we purchased it.

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The Team Earnest Giving Challenge

GivingBrad and I place a high value on giving and try to be very intentional in our lives in that area. For us, giving comes in many different forms.  Although we think monetary giving is very important and we include it in our budget each month, we also think it’s essential to give of our time and to show care and compassion towards others.  As Christians, we participate in ‘tithing’ or giving away 10% of our monthly income to our church and a select few charities that we support.  We also build money into our budget so that when we see a need and feel prompted, we are able to meet it.  That truly is probably our favorite part of monetary giving. We have grown in this area of our lives and by being more intentional about giving, we have gotten better at it. God has used giving as a tool in our lives to soften our hearts and has matured us as human beings. You just become a more thoughtful person when you realize it’s not all about you and you start placing a higher value on how you can serve others and give. Continue reading The Team Earnest Giving Challenge