About Us

This blog is hosted by Brad and Kimberly Earnest.  We live in Columbia, MO and have been married since 2008.  We are passionate about personal finance, fitness and health, our faith and having strong relationships with friends, family and each other.  We are self-proclaimed minimalists and choose to spend our time investing in others, our relationships, each other, and cool experiences vs. trying to accumulate a bunch of ‘stuff’. Most mornings you’ll find us swimming, biking or running and Tuesday nights, you’ll find us serving in our church’s (Woodcrest Chapel) personal finance ministry, Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, where we serve as Ministry Leaders.  We also enjoy biking/commuting to work when we can. We love to travel and have the goal of leaving the country at least once per year.  We also train for and compete in running races and triathlons. We have two kiddos, Jake and Katie. Both are in college so we are officially ’empty nesters’.  We enjoy spending time with our weimadore and super dog- Molly Daisy.