Monthly Archives: January 2016

Our Journey to Financial Peace

Debt-free ornament
The ornament we created to celebrate becoming debt-free.

When Brad and I met over 10 years ago, some of our first conversations were about money and personal finance.  He introduced me to a national personal finance guru – Dave Ramsey.  Dave Ramsey’s big focus is to stop borrowing money, get on a budget, get super intense, pay off all of your debt and then reap the benefits of being debt-free. I was single at the time, about a year and a half out of grad school and into my first ‘big girl’ job. I had been pretty frugal my whole life but lacked direction. I just made sure I didn’t spend as much as I made each month but didn’t have any real plan for the future.  Brad was about a year and a half into being a single dad raising two kids full time and waking up to a financial hangover of living above his means during most of his adult life (Brad is 13 years older than me so he was 10+ years into his career).  He was sick and tired of working hard every day/week/year with nothing to show for it and wanted to make a change.  Continue reading Our Journey to Financial Peace

What is Minimalism?

minimilismAbout a year and a half ago, we became self-described minimalists, although it’s a lifestyle we’ve naturally gravitated toward for years. Our interest in minimalism started to increase as we’ve become more intentional in our lives and our priorities shifted.  Two years ago, if we had heard the word minimalist, we would have thought 150 square foot home, owning 100 things and never spending any money.  Why that might be a definition of someone’s minimalism, we were happy to learn that that didn’t have to be ours and that we got to define what minimalism meant to us and how it could make us happier and lead more fulfilling lives.  We wanted to share our thoughts on what we think minimalism is, what it isn’t, how you might incorporate it into your life and the possible benefits you’ll gain along with some really great resources out there for learning more about living a minimalist lifestyle. Continue reading What is Minimalism?